WV Department of Arts, Culture & History | 2015 Stringband Contest Winners
Created 4-Aug-15
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'The Psyco Exploding Orangatangs'  1st Place Winner -  Youth Neo-Traditional Band'Roochie Toochie Ragtime Shepherd Kings' 1st Place Winner -  Neo-Traditional Band'The Rigs' 2nd Place Place Winner -  Neo-Traditional Band'Himalayan Memo' 3rd Place Winner -  Neo-Traditional Band'Cameron DeWhitt & The Confirmation'   4th Place Winner -  Neo-Traditional Band'Root 2 Music' 5th Place Winner -  Neo-Traditional Band'Root 2 Music' 1st Place Best New Song  Neo-Traditional Band'The Onlies' 1st Place Winner -  Youth Traditional'Buffalo Gap'      1st Place Winner - Traditional'Old Drake'  2nd Place Winner - Traditional'Donkey Nation'  3rd Place Winner - Traditional'Uncle Henry's Favorites'  4th Place Winner - Traditional'Bill Kimmons'  5th Place Winner - Traditional

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